Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harry Potter and Bunny Story

(from Holden):
Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter and he lived in a broken down house with his aunt and uncle (that's the beginning of the story). So, first Harry had dinner and then he goed to bed. The next morning he waked up with his scar hurting again. And he noticed that he was staring up at somebody that looked like Voldemort! He ran downtstairs and ran out the door. Voldemort followed him until Harry got out his wand and said "lumos!" and then he said "wingardium leviosa" and then Voldemort's clothes fell off! And then he ran away. The end.

(from Esme) (may need some editing!):
Once upon a rat. The rat on a crocodile and they both swam away. And he just goed home and goed to sleep. Then he woke up and his car was broken and he couldn't drive to OMSI. And he sang a song at his house, Voldemort, and he got naked to sing it with his underwear on and he just jumped in another car and broke it. And he didn't know what car he wanted to buy. A han solo car? No. A cup car? Yes! And then he goed to sleep again and his car was broken down again. And he ate his cookies and he buyed han solo and luke skywalker but didn't know so he just throwed them in the garbage.

Once upon a time there was a little bunny and his car was broken down and he didn't know what to do so he ran out his window and broke a rabbit then he was a rabbit and didn't break his own self and all the other rabbits were bad. The little bad ones fell in the water and died. And they got a monster and the monster bit his foot. And he got a rabbit on his foot and it shooted him and he just broke down all the other rabbits that were bad again. And they were bad or they were good so they just runned away. And once upon a time there was a little bunny rabbit. And they were silly and jumping around and their daddy and mothers said it was time to go home. Then they saw a chocolate eyeball and they ate it. And then Nete comed along and he broke his car down and his house and he didn't know what to do and he found some rubber shoes and he kicked the houses with rubber shoes and they didn't know what to do and all the other bunnies and (not the end, next story).

So, tongue jumped around and he broke his house and all the bad tongues stinged the ladybugs and they didn't know what to do so they saw Elmo and they read it. Then they woke up and their car was broken down and they didn't know what to do and he did know what to do! He got a new house and a robber broke his house down. He knowed what to do! He just tied a rope on the robber and then he just runned along and he saw a rabbit and hopped along and then he saw a mouse and the robber pooped on him. Then he saw another robber and he just pooped on the robber and he loved him but he didn't actually, so he runned along and then he sang a song
Rabbits are poochy...
Then they ran along so they jumped around on the rabbits. The end.

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