Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Potter in Ron's House Story

Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter in a house. It's a new story! He now lived in Ron's house. So, that's the start. Once upon a time Harry lived in Ron's house that was nice and clean with wizard's stuff. And the funny part was that Harry accidentally slipped and then he found a thing on the floor (it's the fun part now). He opened it up and the floor opened up and he fell in! He fell on an icky, sticky, scriggly worm (Harry did). And then he walked through a really long tunnel. He saw skeletons and giant snake bones. And then he found a rock. It was glittery. And then he walked on and found out he was in a mine yard. And then he found jewels! And then he found a giant snake. He found out it was voldemort's servant. He fighted it. It was actually it's cave! Then he went up to it's mouth and the entrance opened. And then the snake came out, slithering! And then the pheonix came and dropped a hat and Harry found a sword in it. And then he fighted the snake (insert sound effects here). Then he accidentally slipped and fell in a hole and then it was like a slide but it was a ramp that he was sliding down and there was a ball right after him. And then he actually went up and shot out of the ground and then he fell on Ron's head!

The end.

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