Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Potter and Aunt and Uncle Story

(Holden's story):
Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter in a house with his aunt and uncle. And one time he ran out of his aunt and uncle's house and then he went to Ron's house. And then Ron came to the door and he was like "who's here?" And then he opened the door and Harry was standing there. He made his own flying car to fly over there and then they had some tea. The end.

(Esme's story):
Once upon a time, there was Harry. And his aunt and uncle stuck him in the basement. And then he said wingdardium getoffyourclothes-um and his clothes got off. And he was in his jammies when he did that. He got a key out his pocket and it goed to the ground and he opened the door and sneaked out the basement. The end.

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