Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Harry and the Treasure

Once upon a time Harry lived in his aunt and uncles house. One day he set off to Mount Hood. And then he went all the way up to it and it blew up! Harry blocked the hot lava with a spell and the hot lava blew up! And then Harry climbed in the mountain and there wasn't hot lava anywhere. And then he climbed deeper and found a treasure. The end.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hermione Meets Harry Potter

(an Esme post...)
Once upon a time Harry lived in an old house and then he followed Ron to the zoo. They got a special coin, they did! They went to the OMSI zoo and then went back home to their houses and then they meeted Hermione. Then they hopped on their broomsticks and got the golden snitch!

Then they found a little fishy lost in water that didn't find his mother so Harry got a bucket and he filled up the bucket with lots of hot water and the fishy hopped in it! Soon they found his mother and Harry swimmed out in the ocean. Then Hermione got the golden snitch and she goed to her house with the golden snitch and the end!

The Harry Potter Facing Voldemort Story

Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter at his aunt and uncles house. One day it all changed. Voldemort grew stronger and Harry realized that he had to go out and fight Voldemort. So he went for years out. He had to stop a little bit, but not much. And then he found Voldemort's hideout. He found Voldemort laying and waiting for who? Harry! They both stood up and bowed and yelled, "Expelliarmus!" And then Voldemort yelled, "Avra Cadavra!" And Harry jumped out of the way right when it almost hit his jacket. And then he ran to the cliff, Harry did, and Voldemort followed him. And then Voldemort was right on the edge and then, "Expelliarmus," Harry said, and Voldemort flew off of the cliff and onto the ground!

The end.