Monday, April 5, 2010

Holden's lego creation - Best lego creation in the world

Lego moving parts

People go up the stairs and that's how they get to their music thing (the rubber bands). They hit the rubber bands and it makes a "bawowowowowwww" noise. The horse keeps guard of the bad guys and when the bad guys come the horse neighs and the good guy jumps on him and fights all the bad guys off. The garage opens and closes. It's right on the side of the house. The umbrella thing shelters the people.

Esme's lego creation - Time over

Lego moving hands

The horse walks them to the zoo and then the guy flies to the zoo. And the horse gets out first and he walks and all the other people hold his hands. When they're on the street they love lifting up trees. The end.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Harry Potter and Voldemort Blog!

Once upon a time, there's Harry Potter. He was with his aunt and uncle. And one day Dumbledore picked him up for a special mission to find the half-blood prince! On their way there was all sorts of traps and hot lava and water and they had to fight lord Voldemort! And then Harry found Lord Voldemort's secret hideout! And then he fighted Lord Voldemort off the cliff. The end!

Fishy in Harry Potter

(from Esme):
Once upon a time there was Harry Potter. He was outside and he goed to his mother's house. In Ron's car there was ants squiggling around on Ron's head. And the cookies that were on Harry's head, the cookies were all going in his mouth! And he just played with the cookies in his mouth and tummy. He was eating them and the car was flying and Ron was steering it and he crashed into the climbing tree that climbs up into the sky. The end!!!