Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fishy Potter Mouse Story

(Holden's Story):
Once upon a time there lived a mouse. And he lived in a little house with his grandma and grandpa. He ate, and sleeped and went to the store and he mostly loved cheese. Every day for dessert, he had cheese. It was kinda funny because a mouse usually doesn't have that. They like chocolate covered cheese for dessert! And one day he was going to get taken to the coast and he was a little scared about the drive. But, he had to go, his mom and dad said, because they were going to meet a friend. And the little mouse jumped in the car and then got all happy and they drove away and he got all scared again and the road broke! And they fell, fell, fell, fell and hit the ground. And then their friends also hit the ground. The end.

(Esme's Story):
Once upon a time there was Harry Potter and his aunts and uncles stuck him in the basement and he fell out of his pocket and fell down into the basement and he got a key and unlocked it and sneaked out. The end.

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