Friday, February 5, 2010

Holden's Best Blog

So, do you want to hear about Harry Potter? Here's a little story.

So, once upon a time Harry lived with his aunt and uncle and one day he snuck off and he found somewhere that was mossy and broken down. It looked like a house. And he went up to it and he knocked on the door but nobody came. So, he just opened the door and it was very mossy and dirty and stuff in there. He thought it was a gravehouse. But first he found an icky bed and Harry went up to it and it was kindof a lid bed. So he opened the lid and saw a secret entryway! He jumped in it and fell and he zoomed by wizard pictures and all sorts of stuff! And then he plopped right on the outside of this big castle-looking thing. It looked like it might be a church or something. Or maybe it looked like a school. Harry went up and knocked on the door and someone said, "Just a minute!" Harry poked his head through the window and saw teachers and students. And then a big teacher with a mustache and long hair came and looked like he had robes on. He opened the door and said, "who are you?" and Harry said, "Harry! What's your name?" And the man said, "Dumbledore!" And he went in and he saw alot of students. Then he thought he recognized this place. It was Hogwarts! He looked around and passed alot of stuff but it looked very different. Then he found Hermione and Ron and they jumped up and Harry said, "Hello!" and they said, "Harry!"

The end.