Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harry Potter's in the Olympics

(Holden's Story):
Once upon a time there's a frog and he went to the store and he mostly buyed crickets. And one day, they were all out of crickets and he only liked crickets and then a frog came by and secretly popped a lettuce in his pack. It was shaped and looked like a cricket and after the frog put it in his mouth it turned into lettuce and he said "ick!" And he just threw it away. The end.

(Esme's Story):
Once upon a time there was a little cricket and he hopped along because he loves frogs. Once upon a time there was Harry with the frog and there was a little robot, too. And they both disappeared. Then Harry was shopping along and Ron heared him and he almost hit him with a light saber. It was not a dinosaur. He thought it was a dinosaur, but it was Harry. The end.

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