Friday, September 3, 2010

Anakin's Fight

Once upon a time there was Anakin. He was walking in the forest one day and then he saw Darth Sidious. He fighted Darth Sidious until he was tired. And then they fighted and fighted even more! More Roger Rogers came and fighted Anakin and then Anakin defeated them and the Sith Lord ran away.

The End.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Holden's lego creation - Best lego creation in the world

Lego moving parts

People go up the stairs and that's how they get to their music thing (the rubber bands). They hit the rubber bands and it makes a "bawowowowowwww" noise. The horse keeps guard of the bad guys and when the bad guys come the horse neighs and the good guy jumps on him and fights all the bad guys off. The garage opens and closes. It's right on the side of the house. The umbrella thing shelters the people.

Esme's lego creation - Time over

Lego moving hands

The horse walks them to the zoo and then the guy flies to the zoo. And the horse gets out first and he walks and all the other people hold his hands. When they're on the street they love lifting up trees. The end.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Harry Potter and Voldemort Blog!

Once upon a time, there's Harry Potter. He was with his aunt and uncle. And one day Dumbledore picked him up for a special mission to find the half-blood prince! On their way there was all sorts of traps and hot lava and water and they had to fight lord Voldemort! And then Harry found Lord Voldemort's secret hideout! And then he fighted Lord Voldemort off the cliff. The end!

Fishy in Harry Potter

(from Esme):
Once upon a time there was Harry Potter. He was outside and he goed to his mother's house. In Ron's car there was ants squiggling around on Ron's head. And the cookies that were on Harry's head, the cookies were all going in his mouth! And he just played with the cookies in his mouth and tummy. He was eating them and the car was flying and Ron was steering it and he crashed into the climbing tree that climbs up into the sky. The end!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Harry and the Treasure

Once upon a time Harry lived in his aunt and uncles house. One day he set off to Mount Hood. And then he went all the way up to it and it blew up! Harry blocked the hot lava with a spell and the hot lava blew up! And then Harry climbed in the mountain and there wasn't hot lava anywhere. And then he climbed deeper and found a treasure. The end.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hermione Meets Harry Potter

(an Esme post...)
Once upon a time Harry lived in an old house and then he followed Ron to the zoo. They got a special coin, they did! They went to the OMSI zoo and then went back home to their houses and then they meeted Hermione. Then they hopped on their broomsticks and got the golden snitch!

Then they found a little fishy lost in water that didn't find his mother so Harry got a bucket and he filled up the bucket with lots of hot water and the fishy hopped in it! Soon they found his mother and Harry swimmed out in the ocean. Then Hermione got the golden snitch and she goed to her house with the golden snitch and the end!

The Harry Potter Facing Voldemort Story

Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter at his aunt and uncles house. One day it all changed. Voldemort grew stronger and Harry realized that he had to go out and fight Voldemort. So he went for years out. He had to stop a little bit, but not much. And then he found Voldemort's hideout. He found Voldemort laying and waiting for who? Harry! They both stood up and bowed and yelled, "Expelliarmus!" And then Voldemort yelled, "Avra Cadavra!" And Harry jumped out of the way right when it almost hit his jacket. And then he ran to the cliff, Harry did, and Voldemort followed him. And then Voldemort was right on the edge and then, "Expelliarmus," Harry said, and Voldemort flew off of the cliff and onto the ground!

The end.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Holden's Best Blog

So, do you want to hear about Harry Potter? Here's a little story.

So, once upon a time Harry lived with his aunt and uncle and one day he snuck off and he found somewhere that was mossy and broken down. It looked like a house. And he went up to it and he knocked on the door but nobody came. So, he just opened the door and it was very mossy and dirty and stuff in there. He thought it was a gravehouse. But first he found an icky bed and Harry went up to it and it was kindof a lid bed. So he opened the lid and saw a secret entryway! He jumped in it and fell and he zoomed by wizard pictures and all sorts of stuff! And then he plopped right on the outside of this big castle-looking thing. It looked like it might be a church or something. Or maybe it looked like a school. Harry went up and knocked on the door and someone said, "Just a minute!" Harry poked his head through the window and saw teachers and students. And then a big teacher with a mustache and long hair came and looked like he had robes on. He opened the door and said, "who are you?" and Harry said, "Harry! What's your name?" And the man said, "Dumbledore!" And he went in and he saw alot of students. Then he thought he recognized this place. It was Hogwarts! He looked around and passed alot of stuff but it looked very different. Then he found Hermione and Ron and they jumped up and Harry said, "Hello!" and they said, "Harry!"

The end.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harry Potter's in the Olympics

(Holden's Story):
Once upon a time there's a frog and he went to the store and he mostly buyed crickets. And one day, they were all out of crickets and he only liked crickets and then a frog came by and secretly popped a lettuce in his pack. It was shaped and looked like a cricket and after the frog put it in his mouth it turned into lettuce and he said "ick!" And he just threw it away. The end.

(Esme's Story):
Once upon a time there was a little cricket and he hopped along because he loves frogs. Once upon a time there was Harry with the frog and there was a little robot, too. And they both disappeared. Then Harry was shopping along and Ron heared him and he almost hit him with a light saber. It was not a dinosaur. He thought it was a dinosaur, but it was Harry. The end.

Fishy Potter Mouse Story

(Holden's Story):
Once upon a time there lived a mouse. And he lived in a little house with his grandma and grandpa. He ate, and sleeped and went to the store and he mostly loved cheese. Every day for dessert, he had cheese. It was kinda funny because a mouse usually doesn't have that. They like chocolate covered cheese for dessert! And one day he was going to get taken to the coast and he was a little scared about the drive. But, he had to go, his mom and dad said, because they were going to meet a friend. And the little mouse jumped in the car and then got all happy and they drove away and he got all scared again and the road broke! And they fell, fell, fell, fell and hit the ground. And then their friends also hit the ground. The end.

(Esme's Story):
Once upon a time there was Harry Potter and his aunts and uncles stuck him in the basement and he fell out of his pocket and fell down into the basement and he got a key and unlocked it and sneaked out. The end.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Potter in Ron's House Story

Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter in a house. It's a new story! He now lived in Ron's house. So, that's the start. Once upon a time Harry lived in Ron's house that was nice and clean with wizard's stuff. And the funny part was that Harry accidentally slipped and then he found a thing on the floor (it's the fun part now). He opened it up and the floor opened up and he fell in! He fell on an icky, sticky, scriggly worm (Harry did). And then he walked through a really long tunnel. He saw skeletons and giant snake bones. And then he found a rock. It was glittery. And then he walked on and found out he was in a mine yard. And then he found jewels! And then he found a giant snake. He found out it was voldemort's servant. He fighted it. It was actually it's cave! Then he went up to it's mouth and the entrance opened. And then the snake came out, slithering! And then the pheonix came and dropped a hat and Harry found a sword in it. And then he fighted the snake (insert sound effects here). Then he accidentally slipped and fell in a hole and then it was like a slide but it was a ramp that he was sliding down and there was a ball right after him. And then he actually went up and shot out of the ground and then he fell on Ron's head!

The end.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Potter and Aunt and Uncle Story

(Holden's story):
Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter in a house with his aunt and uncle. And one time he ran out of his aunt and uncle's house and then he went to Ron's house. And then Ron came to the door and he was like "who's here?" And then he opened the door and Harry was standing there. He made his own flying car to fly over there and then they had some tea. The end.

(Esme's story):
Once upon a time, there was Harry. And his aunt and uncle stuck him in the basement. And then he said wingdardium getoffyourclothes-um and his clothes got off. And he was in his jammies when he did that. He got a key out his pocket and it goed to the ground and he opened the door and sneaked out the basement. The end.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Harry Potter Dinosaur Story

So. Once upon a time there lived a dinosaur that needed a friend. So he tromped off through the forest and over mountains and days and then he found a stegosaurus. He said, "Do you want to be friends?" And the stegosaurus said, "Um, yeah!" So, they tromped off and then they asked what game they wanted to play. The stegosaurus said, "hide and seek!" And then, right before the tyrannosaurus closed his eyes, the stegosaurus was gone! Barrrrrrrrrrr (sound effect). He was up in a tree. And the T Rex tromped around looking for him. And then he remembered that the dinosaur was up in a tree so he looked up in the trees and finally, he found him!

The end.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harry Potter and Bunny Story

(from Holden):
Once upon a time there lived Harry Potter and he lived in a broken down house with his aunt and uncle (that's the beginning of the story). So, first Harry had dinner and then he goed to bed. The next morning he waked up with his scar hurting again. And he noticed that he was staring up at somebody that looked like Voldemort! He ran downtstairs and ran out the door. Voldemort followed him until Harry got out his wand and said "lumos!" and then he said "wingardium leviosa" and then Voldemort's clothes fell off! And then he ran away. The end.

(from Esme) (may need some editing!):
Once upon a rat. The rat on a crocodile and they both swam away. And he just goed home and goed to sleep. Then he woke up and his car was broken and he couldn't drive to OMSI. And he sang a song at his house, Voldemort, and he got naked to sing it with his underwear on and he just jumped in another car and broke it. And he didn't know what car he wanted to buy. A han solo car? No. A cup car? Yes! And then he goed to sleep again and his car was broken down again. And he ate his cookies and he buyed han solo and luke skywalker but didn't know so he just throwed them in the garbage.

Once upon a time there was a little bunny and his car was broken down and he didn't know what to do so he ran out his window and broke a rabbit then he was a rabbit and didn't break his own self and all the other rabbits were bad. The little bad ones fell in the water and died. And they got a monster and the monster bit his foot. And he got a rabbit on his foot and it shooted him and he just broke down all the other rabbits that were bad again. And they were bad or they were good so they just runned away. And once upon a time there was a little bunny rabbit. And they were silly and jumping around and their daddy and mothers said it was time to go home. Then they saw a chocolate eyeball and they ate it. And then Nete comed along and he broke his car down and his house and he didn't know what to do and he found some rubber shoes and he kicked the houses with rubber shoes and they didn't know what to do and all the other bunnies and (not the end, next story).

So, tongue jumped around and he broke his house and all the bad tongues stinged the ladybugs and they didn't know what to do so they saw Elmo and they read it. Then they woke up and their car was broken down and they didn't know what to do and he did know what to do! He got a new house and a robber broke his house down. He knowed what to do! He just tied a rope on the robber and then he just runned along and he saw a rabbit and hopped along and then he saw a mouse and the robber pooped on him. Then he saw another robber and he just pooped on the robber and he loved him but he didn't actually, so he runned along and then he sang a song
Rabbits are poochy...
Then they ran along so they jumped around on the rabbits. The end.