Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Harry Potter and Solstice Post

Do you want to learn about Harry Potter book number 3? Do you really want to know about it? Here's the first part: So, Hagrid is the new teacher and by accident he brings out these birds and you have to bow to the birds and if they bow back you can pet their beak and if they're alright with that, you can jump on them and they fly. And, here's a scary part, Malfoy goes up to the bird and bows to it and the bird bows back and he pets the beak but then he says something mean to the bird and then the bird bites him and he gets all bloody with bandages.

Ready for another scary part? Sirius Black breaks into the common room. I mean, he tries to break into the common room. And he breaks the door of the fat lady and the fat lady runs away. And Harry's friends go to Hogsmeade and he gets left behind. Hermione and Ron come back but while they're at Hogsmeade, Harry and Professor Lupin have some tea but Snape walks in and Harry thinks that Snape made a magic potion that might poison Professor Lupin because he's the Dark Arts teacher.

So, wanna learn about Solstice? It's really cool. The sun's in the middle and the earth goes around it and it keeps going and gets farther and closer. When it's far it's Winter Solstice and when it's closer it's called Summer Solstice. And that's the end for the whole story.

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