Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bug Blog

Tarantulas are big and hairy. One time in our old backyard (our grandma's backyard) I saw a tarantula! And I ran inside the house. And I really like our old house and we moved out one day. And we've seen a lot of spiders in the past. The end.

Beetles are the best kind of bugs. I like beetles. Wasps are the best bugs, too. I like them because they actually find spiders. The end.

(a note from Esme):
One day we saw a lot of ants in our house. And there was a spider on my chair. Two little ones. And then we moved to the other house. And then we bringed some toys then when we go to the park I gather up flowers for my mom. And then we play and daddy makes my room (two rooms). Birds fly in the sky. When it was halloween I got chocolate eyeballs and then I goed home and ate a little bit of stuff. The end.

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  1. dug the side note from maymay! added that perfect amount of interesting spice to hman's writings :)