Saturday, December 12, 2009

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

So, once upon a time Harry Potter lived in a house after his parents died. Not very nice people lived in that house and Harry Potter was actually a wizard! He went to Hogwarts and he found a three-headed dog. He found a lot of monsters! Hogwarts is actually known today as a castle in the Green Isles and they even have the golden snitch!

Book two. Ready to learn about book two? It's called Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Harry finds a red bird called a pheonix, it's really cool. There's a monster that's been turning people to stone. Harry found a giant spider in the forest and their car came and saved them. And Fang hit against the window trying to get out and then Harry opened the door and Fang bounced all the way to Hagrid's house. They're in the castle and they find clues. And they find out that Hermione Granger gets turned to stone even! The end.

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  1. Very wonderful blog. Glad you like the Harry Potter books. I did too.
    I found your blog while I was reading your mom's. Good luck with you writing.