Friday, November 20, 2009

indyana jons

if uo wo to lr abat idyana jons and his advantrs (If you want to learn about Indiana Jones and his adventures) you can learn about them. Ready? Ok. So, one time Indy actually ran away from a big ball and then he fell and there's bad guys. Do you want to learn about the video game? One time Indy fell by the bad guys by the lego ball and here's the funny part: he took out a duck and he took out C3PO's head and then a golden thing (I don't know what it's called...a diamond) and then, he took out a golden thing that the bad guys were looking for. That's it.

And now let's learn about snakes. Ready to learn about snakes? Ok. So, not all snakes are venomous. And then, some snakes are really venomous like the cobra and the rattlesnake (cobra's are the best, mom).

Let's learn about lizards now. So, some lizards have disguises. They hide under rocks when they see an enemy. Sometimes they puff out a big thing in their necks to make them look bigger. The end.


  1. hi again hman - super excited to come & see you on turkeyday! can't wait to see your froggies too! maybe you can show me & tom some pictures of all these neato sounding lizards? you let me know! <3 u! steppie

  2. Snakes are way cool! We like rattlesnakes the best here, but even the little worm-like garter snakes are pretty cool.

  3. Hi Holden - great Blog you have here! Love your Indiana Jones costume - you look really cool. Thanks for all those facts about Lizards and Snakes - we have some different species of reptiles here in Australia.