Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holden's Dragons

Dragons are really cool. If you want to know, they're a reptile, I think. Dragons blow fire and they look like big dinosaurs but they blow fire. So do you want to know about their habitat? I think they live in caves and eat bugs and animals and stuff. The end.

Turtles have armor-like shells for their defense. They eat plants and they are reptiles. And they have beaks! Did you know they had beaks? It's weird! They actually have tails, too. We once saw a turtle at the zoo. It kinda looked wet. Their habitat is ponds, I think (I don't really know). Water, that's their habitat. And that's it, the end.

This is a picture of our kitty but she died a few days ago so that's why we put the picture up here on my blog. Kitty was little, funny, nice and pretty. We miss her. Her spirit came back to me as a ladybug. The end.

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  1. i like that picture of kitty! i miss her & i'm thankful that i got to be friends with her. we <3 stimpy!